Neon Party Ideas

Florescent Neon Parties are a great hit with kids and very easy to set up. Send out invites to guests on florescent cards which are available easily. You could also use black cardpaper and write out the invites with flouroscent pens.

neon party invites

Fluoroscent Party Decor Ideas

Invite guest for the glow neon party towards the evening hours if possible, nights are best. If this is not possible, cover all windows with black paper, replace bulbs with black bulbs or cover existing bulbs with black paper.

Flouroscent Ballons?

Insert neon sticks into balloons for that eerie look

Use black paper for your banners, as you can write on them with fluoroscent paint.

fluoroscent banners

There are many neon party kits available or you could simply go the diy way and create your own decorations, hangings using fluoroscent paint.

You also can purchase neon straws for very cheap ( Rs 30 for 6), paint or writeon the beverage glass with neon paint.

What to wear for neon parties

Ask your guests to wear fluoroscent clothes or white clothes, this will show up well.

Neon Bday party games
Paint the face, body arms with neon paints – there are non toxic, safe paints available and can be used to paint on the body or face. The best painted guest wins.

UV Glow Neon Face and Body Paint
UV Glow Neon Face and Body Paint

Find the treasure – again using neon paints to mark out clues for the treasure – this is a hit with our kids, and they have played it evey birthday and still LOVE it.

What to eat…

There are many recipes online with ghoulish food, and you could display them in neon serveware, plates, with neon napkins.

Send us your neon party pics and we will showcae you.

Best Educational and Learning Toys make good Gifts

Best Educational Toys Best Educational Toys for your child to learn the Map of India, Rivers and Maps easily

You can check the toy at

Kids learn the map of India, the position of three mountains and major rivers. It also includes a squirt bottle, pur water in the mountain and follow its path down to the oceans. This makes a good learning educational toy for kids all ages as small as 5 years.


Some other great Educational Toys or Learning Toys for Kids

Educational Learning Toy Blocks for Babies & ToddlersEducational Learning Toy Blocks for Babies & Toddlers

27 Colorful Classic Wood Letter Blocks
Ideal for Teaching Kids about Letters and Numbers
A textured letter on two sides; A picture/animal/fruit on two sides
The paint used is non toxic water based paint
The block dimensions: 3cm square Age: 18 Months or older

Story Telling Step-by-Step – 1 (6 Steps)

A set of 2 six step stories that develops skills in picture reading, story telling and sequencing
2 six step stories 12 cards in all and activity guide the Learning objective of this game that the child will be able to describe each picture in simple language and will learn new words, the child will observe each card accurately and establish spatial relationship and the child will understand the concept of order and build proper sequences.

Story Telling Step-by-Step - 1 (6 Steps)

Brain Boosters

brain boosters
This game of simple questions in picture form is a sure way to stimulate young minds
It will help children develop essential early learning skills in the most enjoyable way
12 double side printed special wipe clean cards and 1 special pencil 66 innovative activities make this new wipe clean card game a sure way to reinforce basic skills and boost children’s confidence

Edible party favours Indian kids party ideas

Edible Party Favours

Edible Party Favors are a good idea if you want to add that special touch to your kids party.

Here are some really great ideas for edible party favors which can be added into party favor bags.

Cellophane wrapped buiscuit with the child’s name written on it with icing pen.

Other Edible Party Favors for Kids
Jelly Beans
Gummy Candy
Mini cakes
Chocolate bars
Oreo Cookies
Krispy treat
Caramel Popcorn
Edible Party Favors which you can decorate using decorating pens and glitter and even sea shells (all edible).

Decorated Cookies
You can have your kids make these and these can be a fun family cooking project.

You can bake cookies or mini cakes, top it with fondant and use edible writers to write the kids name.

You can write with these on marshmallows, fondant which can be rolled out and used to cover cookies or cupcakes or mini cakes or biscuits.

Kids Board Games ages 6-9

Kids Board Games ages 6-9

Math strategy board game – MATH BUILDER

Read More

  • Math strategy game. A great thinking gift for children and adults
  • Master 4 arithmetic operations and BODMAS
  • 7 times more math practice and retention
  • 126 play tiles, terrain board, bag and rule book
kids board games ages 6 to 10
kids board games ages 6 to 10

Educational math money game RIDES OF FORTUNE for kids to learn transaction skills

Read More
Board Games Math Money Ride games Transactional Skills

  • Helps kids appreciate the value of money and learn to record money transactions
  • Master money skills including giving and receiving change, addition and subtraction of money, recognition of notes and more
  • 11 times more practice in same time
  • Great new game for kids and family
  • Perfect for grade 2 and above. Used by top schools

Kids Party Games Ideas for ages 5 to 8 India

kids party games ideas 5 to 9

Kids Party Games Ideas for ages 5 to 8 India

Indian kids party games ideas for ages 5 to 8 or probably till 10, as this game has been designed, tested and certified by Bella and Sarah. Sarah is 11 and Bella is 10. They are kind of the kids games geeks and here is how they play one of the hit games of all kids parties enjoyed by kids of all ages from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10 and 11.

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